Tolle Totum is latin for ‘treat the whole person’

At Tolle Totum Therapies this is exactly what we do

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I can recommend and arrange a variety of testing based on your needs. Please note that…

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The interaction between our genes and our environment is what determines whether we’re healthy or sick…

Naturopathic Yoga

Tolle Totum Therapies has recently partnered with Naturopathic Yoga to provide FREE online yoga classes for all clients…

Welcome to Tolle Totum Therapies. My name is Denise and I am Rutherglen’s newest resident Naturopath.

As a degree qualified, registered and TGA accredited Naturopath, I focus on addressing the cause of disease rather than suppressing its symptoms, using evidence-based research in the field of natural medicine.  Treatment may include herbs, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle advice.  Functional pathology testing is also available.  I am also an experienced secondary school teacher with a special interest in adolescent health.

Tolle Totum Therapies services Rutherglen, Corowa, Howlong, Chiltern and surrounding areas.





Upcoming Workshop: Is it getting hot in here?  It’s time to talk about Menopause.

Menopause is a normal part of being a woman – a transition that ideally is smooth and symptom free. And whilst the signs and symptoms of menopause are common, they shouldn’t be the norm.

Interested?  Get the details here.


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