Naturopath: Denise Berry

After 16 years as a high school maths teacher, I chose to change career path for my own physical and mental health, but also so I could help others to avoid the pitfalls I suffered due to chronic stress and burn out. Yes, I’ve been there! I know what it feels like to be exhausted all the time, and to struggle with digestive issues, anxiety and depression. And I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I LOVE working with complex cases and getting the root cause of illness, because understanding the why behind your health condition is key to resolving it.  I am part-detective, part-researcher and part-jigsaw puzzle extraordinaire (seriously, I really do love puzzles!). These traits are what can help YOU to understand your primary drivers, why you are where you are right now, and what you can do to get your health and vitality back again.

Naturopathic Philosophy

I am a science nerd and I love understanding the why behind everything when it comes to health. This means I focus primarily on evidence-based medicine and research in clinical practice, but I do still have a deep respect and utilise both traditional medicine and iridology with my patients (because they work!).

   As a Nutrigenomics expert, I have a keen interest in understanding genetic influences on health and using nutritional, herbal and lifestyle medicine to modulate gene expression. Genetic testing, interpretation and Naturopathic support is available in clinic.

Functional testing including stool, urine and blood testing also forms a key part of what I do. Understanding the biochemistry and underlying drivers of disease enables more effective treatment and a shorter time to recovery. This is especially important for those who have autoimmune disease including Hashimoto’s disease and gastrointestinal issues such as IBS or SIBO.

Special Interests

I have experience working with patients with a wide range of conditions and health concerns, including digestive dysfunction including SIBO and IBS, genetic issues including MTHFR, hormonal issues, perimenopause, menopause, unexplained infertility, allergies, respiratory and skin conditions and other acute and chronic conditions.

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Education, Workshops and Presentations

I often run workshops and webinars from Rutherglen and Wangaratta (Kismet Health) so keep your eyes on social media or sign up to my bi-monthly newsletter so you don’t miss anything!

Professional Associations

Member, Naturopaths Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)

Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)

Board Member, Victorian Herbalists Association

Qualifications & Training

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Southern School of Natural Therapies

Master of Education, University of Melbourne

Graduate Diploma of Education, La Trobe University

Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management), La Trobe University

Level 2 Certificate in Wellness Coaching, Wellness Coaching Australia

CR First Aid Certificate

Recent Seminars & Professional Development

Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation (GEMM) practitioner training (2020)

Vitae Mosaic – practitioner training in complex case management (2020)

MediHerb – Disordered Gut Terrain (2020)

BioCeuticals – DNA Testing in Practice (2019)

Metagenics – Solving Allergy and Reactivity (2018)

Bioconcepts – Trauma to Triumph: Mental health after a major milestone (2018)

Metagenics – The Real Cause of Obesity: Resetting Neurobiology for Lasting Weight Loss (2018)

Bioconcepts – Resetting the Addicted Brain: Integrative Treatment for Neurotoxicity (2017)

MediHerb – Brain Changer Strategies: Natural Solutions for Brain and Gut Health (2016)