Adolescent Health

Does your teenager suffer from anxiety or depression, have difficulty concentrating at school or behavioural issues?

The common denominator in mental health disorders, including issues with concentration and behaviour, is neuroinflammation.

Does your teenager have hormonal issues such as PMS, irregular, heavy, painful or absent periods or skin issues such as acne?

Hormonal issues – whilst common – are not normal and addressing these issues now will set your child up for happy hormones later on.

I can help you.

“I have used Denise and her services for both my teenage son and myself. I find her to be thorough, understanding and informative. Her follow up is second to none and she has gone out of her way to make sure we have everything we need and that we understand all of the ‘medical’ chit chat. Highly recommend her!!” AM

I was a high school maths teacher for 16 years so I know how to work and communicate with teenagers. I also have a strong understanding of their specific nutritional needs, biochemistry and the hormonal changes they are experiencing, as well as commonly prescribed medications including hormonal contraceptives and their impact on biochemistry and overall health.

I can work with you and your teen to understanding the underlying drivers that have led to their current state of health and then develop a treatment plan that will work for all of you.

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