Autoimmune Mastery

Are you ready to master your autoimmune disease and eradicate your symptoms in a safe, natural and sustainable way, with ongoing practitioner support?

Do you feel like you have multiple, seemingly unrelated symptoms? Do you want to understand what is causing them and how they are linked?

Have you seen multiple health professionals only to be told there is no solution aside from medication or to follow a highly restrictive diet?

Have you been told that your blood work is ‘fine’ but you still feel exhausted and not yourself?

Are you avoiding going out to eat, or following restricted diets in an attempt to manage symptoms? 

Are you struggling with pain that is impacting your day to day life?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Autoimmune Mastery is a program designed specifically for women with autoimmune disease who are struggling with unwanted symptoms. You will learn the key drivers behind autoimmune disease, and how to eat, move your body and prioritise self-care so that you can eradicate unwanted symptoms and live the life you deserve.

Get set to become the master of your own health and wellbeing!

Imagine how it would feel…

To bounce out of bed every morning after a great night’s sleep and have sustained energy throughout the day.To ditch the brain fog, have better concentration and be more effective in your job.
To be pain-free and able to play with your kids or grandkids (or animal-kids!).To have amazing gut health, zero bloating or reflux and poo every day with ease!
To improve your metabolic health including weight balance, blood pressure and cholesterol.To feel confident, joyful and sparkle! And be a shining example of what thriving with an autoimmune disease looks like!

Are you ready?

Welcome to Autoimmune Mastery

Autoimmune Mastery is a comprehensive and individualised program designed to uncover the root causes of your autoimmune disease and resolve them once and for all. Take the guess work out of your health and start getting the help you deserve so you can reclaim your health and vitality!

With so many mixed messages and myths around autoimmune disease, I created this clear and simple program to create order out of chaos for YOU, helping you to gain self-awareness and confidence through knowledge, and to mostly importantly to transform your health.

I firmly believe that YOU are the master of your own health and wellbeing. I will simply guide you through the process to not only resolve your symptoms but to ensure long-lasting health and wellness.

I commonly work with people who have been diagnosed with:

  • Lichen sclerosis
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Psoriasis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sjogren’s syndrome
  • Rare autoimmune diseases e.g. Bechet’s disease, messenteric panniculitis
  • And many others…

All autoimmune diseases share common characteristics including gut health issues, genetic and epigenetic influences, the impact of stress and chronic low-grade inflammation.  Addressing these and reducing autoantibody production and associated inflammatory processes is the key to improving your health both now and in the long term.

This program is for women struggling with:

FatigueIBS or SIBOHair loss
Insomnia, poor sleepIrregular, heavy or painful periodsPeri-menopause and menopause
Joint, muscle and nerve painDry skin, eczema, psoriasisAnxiety and depression
Poor resilienceAllergies, sinus congestionHigh blood pressure
Constipation or diarrhoeaWeight issuesHigh cholesterol

The Autoimmune Mastery program includes:

  • AIM discovery call
  • Comprehensive initial consultation (1:1, 75 minutes)
  • Comprehensive health plan consultation (1:1, 60 minutes)
  • 1 x return consultation (1:1, 30 minutes)
  • 2 x emergency/check in consultations (1:1, 15 minutes)
  • Regular 4 weekly check-ins to review your prescription
  • DNA or microbiome testing analysis + targeted dietary and lifestyle advice
  • Health, mood and food journals, symptom tracking, and assessments
  • Recipe collections, meal plans and HEAPS of education around food
  • Education and resources to activate your vagus nerve and improve resilience, mood and sleep
  • Weekly group coaching call where you can ask questions live on the call
  • Regular masterclass (all recorded)
  • Ongoing access to my dispensary with 10% off RRP on all products
  • Access to online modules, videos and checklists to advance your health
  • A copy of my AIM40 wholefoods eBook and pantry shopping list
  • Emergency toolbox to help you manage flares should they occur

The Autoimmune Mastery (AIM) Method

Step 1: Comprehensive initial assessment

Undergo an in-depth initial consultation to establish your current state of health, determine key drivers and recommend appropriate DNA or microbiome testing


Step 2: Dial down the inflammation

Discover the key drivers behind autoimmunity and inflammation and learn the most effective ways to down-regulate inflammation, balance immune function and reduce your symptoms


Step 3: Testing review and personalised treatment plan

Uncover your unique key drivers behind autoimmunity through personalised testing and learn the steps needed to transform your health


Step 4: Balance your immune system

Discover the link between your gut health and immune system and how to balance your immune system through food, movement and self-care


Step 5: Improve microbial diversity to set you up for long-term health and wellbeing

Learn how to love your microbiome and feed it so it can look after you!


Step 6: Your toolbox for managing flares

Develop a personalised ‘tool kit’ for managing flares and keeping well in the longer term

Patient Case Study

When Kerrie first came to see me, she had recently been diagnosed with a rare disease called mesenteric panniculitis (MP). Little is known about it other than it is driven by inflammation and is strongly associated with autoimmunity, and Kerrie was desperate to find answers and get some help. 

Kerrie was struggling with chronic abdominal pain that was significantly impacting on the quality of her life. The pain kept her awake at night, she couldn’t walk for extended periods or do any other exercise and she had recently sold her motorbike as she wasn’t able to ride it anymore.

Kerrie also had a multitude of other symptoms including chronic sinusitis, terrible reflux, ongoing constipation and recurrent UTIs. She was taking strong medication to manage inflammation and pain but didn’t feel this was working and wasn’t offered any alternatives. Kerrie was highly anxious and knew she had multiple food intolerances but wasn’t able to pinpoint them and had no idea what to eat.

After Kerrie’s initial consultation where I was able to review previous testing and determine her key drivers, we went through her report of findings together, giving Kerrie the opportunity for the very first time to understand exactly what was happening in her body. We then started to work step-by-step together to address all Kerrie’s unique key drivers.

Kerrie learned what she needed to eat for optimal health, made significant changes to her lifestyle to reduce stress, took a handful of targeted supplements and followed all the advice I gave her.  She felt confident, organised, motivated and supported every step of the way.

Within 2 months, Kerrie had stopped all pain medication. Within 4 months, her chronic sinusitis was all but gone and her abdominal pain was gone entirely. Test results showed her MP was effectively in remission. Her specialist was very impressed with her progress and supportive of our work (a huge bonus!).

Kerrie now moves her bowels daily (and understands how important this is), walks 2km and completes a 30-minute stretching routine to improve flexibility, something she has never been able to do.  Kerrie also lost 5.5kg of weight in total (which was never a primary goal for her).  Her husband has been so impressed with her progress and so supportive that his health has improved too, and he has lost 2kg as well!

And the best bit? 

Kerrie went and bought a new motorbike and can go out riding for hours without experiencing any pain. She is loving her life again!

There is nothing more rewarding for me as a practitioner than to see the transformation in women like Kerrie. This is the reason why I developed my 6-month Autoimmune Mastery program to help women with autoimmune disease regain their vitality and zest for life. With ongoing support and mentoring, and all the tools you will need for success, I can help YOU transform your own health and get your mojo back too.

Autoimmune Mastery IS for you if you…

  • Want relief from your symptoms of autoimmune disease
  • Want to eat a wide variety of delicious food
  • Are prepared to spend a reasonable amount of time planning, preparing and cooking healthy meals
  • Want to address the underlying cause of your condition
  • Are ready to make changes to resolve your complex health issues
  • Want to learn about gut health, immune function and wellbeing
  • Are willing to be part of and contribute to a fabulous community of like-minded individuals

Autoimmune Mastery is NOT for you if you…

  • Are pregnant/breastfeeding (but I can help you with preconception care if you are planning on having a baby soon)
  • Are looking for a quick fix or are not ready to make serious diet and lifestyle changes
  • Are unwilling or unable to use herbs and nutritional supplements during the program
  • Don’t wish to take 100% responsibility for your health and making change
  • Are not in a financial position to invest in your health
  • Cannot make at least 90% of the weekly group calls live

It’s time to become the master of your health.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Martin Luther King Jr

Join me in Mastering your Immune Health

Do you have more questions? Or are you ready to get onboard and get started today?

Book your call now to take the first step towards resolving your complex health issues.

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