Work With Me

Are you ready to get to the root cause and live the life you deserve?

My unique method is designed to bridge the gap between standard approaches to autoimmunity and what can be achieved through diet and lifestyle alone.

I know what it is like to live with chronic immune dysfunction, poor gut health and to be exhausted ALL of the time. I understand what you are going through, but I also know what is needed to turn your health around and give you your sparkle back!

For most clients, their healing journey takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months (or more), depending on the complexity of their health.

The Autoimmune Mastery (AIM) Method

AIM Discovery Call

Quick assessment of current health

Determine health goals

Suggestion for next steps


Initial Consultation

Comprehensive health history

Determine and order appropriate testing

Provide initial supplement recommendations

Get started on AIM principles of diet and lifestyle


Further Assessment

Undertake DNA, microbiome or other functional testing (as determined in initial consult)

All tests ordered and shipped directly to you at home to complete and return to the lab

Analysis of blood work and any previous testing already completed


AIM Treatment Plan/Report of Findings

Review and interpret results

Personalised treatment plan including supplementation, dietary and lifestyle advice

Access to support materials including recipes and meal plans

How to work with me

6-month program

  • High level of support and accountability
  • A combination of 1:1 consultations and weekly group coaching
  • Regular masterclasses (all recorded)
  • Ongoing access to functional lab testing and practitioner-only supplements
  • Online modules with videos and downloadable content
  • Dietary guidelines, meal plans and recipe collections
  • A copy of my AIM40 wholefoods eBook and pantry shopping list
  • Education and resources to activate your vagus nerve and improve resilience, mood and sleep
  • Access to health, mood and food journals, symptom tracking and assessments
  • Your own personal AIM “emergency toolkit” for managing flares

3-month package

  • Monthly 1:1 consultations (initial, treatment plan + 2 standard follow up)
  • DNA, microbiome or other functional testing (that is best for YOU)
  • Access to practitioner-only supplements and additional testing (if needed)
  • Access to AIM meal plans, recipe collections and other resources to support you in your health journey
  • Access to health, mood and food journals A copy of my AIM40 wholefoods eBook and pantry shopping list

Individual consultations

  • Initial, follow up and acute appointments
  • Pay as you go

All consultations and group coaching calls are completed online via TeleHealth for people all over Australia and New Zealand.

If you are located in Rutherglen or surrounding areas, you can choose to see Denise in person when restrictions are not place.

For appointments from Wangaratta please visit Kismet Health.

Cancellation Policy

Tolle Totum Therapies is a busy clinic.  Denise Berry respects your time, her own time and the time of all clients, so it is a requirement that you give at least 48 hours to change or cancel your appointment time so that others may use the time allocated to you and and avoid the cancellation fee.

For all initial, treatment plan/DNA test results and iridology appointments booked and paid for in full online, the full fee is payable for a late cancellation within 24 hours or failure to show up for a scheduled appointment.  50% of your fee is payable with at least 24-48 hours notice.

For all other consultations, a fee of $50 will apply for cancellations or changes made within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment. The full fee is payable for same day cancellations or failure to show up for a scheduled appointment.

Please note clinic reception operates Monday–Friday so all appointment changes need to be made during business hours to avoid applicable cancellation fees.

Thank you for your understanding.