How to break a bad habit (and make a new one) and get what you want.

How to break a bad habit (and make a new one) and get what you want. It’s January. The holidays are over, there are no more Christmas leftovers in the fridge (including my famous pudding – thank goodness, I was starting to look like one!) and we have welcomed in the new year with friends or family and possibly a few too many alcoholic beverages (no judgement here). For many of us we are back to work and school is…

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Putting Your Health On Hold.

Putting Your Health On Hold. Across the entire health care sector, we are currently seeing many patients deferring treatment, including seeing their GP for regular check ups and monitoring of chronic health conditions. It makes sense though doesn’t it? Nobody wants to leave the house at the moment. Nobody wants to place any unnecessary burdens on our already overwhelmed health care system either. So they are putting off getting those blood tests, getting their blood sugar or blood pressure checked,…

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Fibre – why you want more of this in your life

FIBRE & YOUR HEALTH Yes I know, it’s a boring topic BUT I am constantly talking about fibre to patients so I thought I’d write a blog post and share a few of my ‘top tips’ with you. Low fibre intake has been associated with numerous health conditions including inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disease and cancer. It is also implicated in hormonal imbalance (heavy and painful periods anyone?), high cholesterol and diabetes. And yet in Australia, our standard diet is…

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