How Metabolic Disease Begins In The Gut.

How Metabolic Disease Begins In The Gut. Are you overweight? Struggling with high blood sugar, cholesterol or blood pressure? Wanting to avoid medication at all costs? Then this blog is for you my friend. Let’s start with a definition: Metabolic syndrome is an umbrella term that includes a cluster of symptoms such as excess weight/obesity, increased blood pressure, fatty liver, high cholesterol and/or triglycerides and blood sugar.  It is a major risk factor in the development of hypertension, type 2…

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Weight issues: a heavy burden to bear (pun intended)

Weight issues: a heavy burden to bear (pun intended) Are you carrying a bit (or maybe a lot) of extra weight that you just can’t shift? Perhaps you used to lose weight easily before with dieting and exercise, but that isn’t working for you now? My story. I have struggled with weight issues since I was child, so I know what it’s like.  I have probably tried every ‘diet’ you can think of and have lost weight and then regained…

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Choline Under The Spotlight.

Choline Under The Spotlight. Almost as famous (nutritionally) as the lesser known Hemsworth brother. (If you were about to Google it I’ll save you the trouble – his name is Luke). Choline has recently stepped forward from the shadows and into the spotlight. It has become the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle for many of my complex cases and when I talk about choline with my patients, I usually get blank stares in return. So this blog post is…

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OH MY GORD…Are you taking medication for reflux or heartburn? Then you need to read this.

Today I want to tell you a story. It’s actually the reason I eventually became a Naturopath. When I was a teenager, I was terribly unhealthy. I was a heavy smoker, I liked to drink, I ate crap and lived on coke. It’s not really a surprise to learn that I was grossly overweight and suffered from depression and anxiety at the time. At age 19, I moved to Bendigo to start university. I took this opportunity to quit smoking,…

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Fibre – why you want more of this in your life

FIBRE & YOUR HEALTH Yes I know, it’s a boring topic BUT I am constantly talking about fibre to patients so I thought I’d write a blog post and share a few of my ‘top tips’ with you. Low fibre intake has been associated with numerous health conditions including inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disease and cancer. It is also implicated in hormonal imbalance (heavy and painful periods anyone?), high cholesterol and diabetes. And yet in Australia, our standard diet is…

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