Choline Under The Spotlight.

Choline Under The Spotlight. Almost as famous (nutritionally) as the lesser known Hemsworth brother. (If you were about to Google it I’ll save you the trouble – his name is Luke). Choline has recently stepped forward from the shadows and into the spotlight. It has become the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle for many of my complex cases and when I talk about choline with my patients, I usually get blank stares in return. So this blog post is…

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Having Trouble Losing Weight? How’s your sleep?

* Did you know that poor sleep significantly effects insulin activity and your resting metabolic rate? Burning the candle at both ends, tossing and turning during the night, or even worse – insomnia – can lead to weight gain and type II diabetes. *  Insomnia is the inability to sleep and there are many reasons people may suffer with it, but here are a few common causes: poor sleep habits, a lack of bed time routine depression or anxiety lack…

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