Healthy Ageing

Do you have (or are you at high risk of) type II diabetes? Are you overweight?

Is your blood pressure or cholesterol creeping up (or high) and your GP has expressed concern or told you that you need to go on medication?

Do you have arthritis or general aches and pains that have worsened with age?

Are you on multiple medications or wanting to avoid going on medication to manage your health condition?

Do you want to age gracefully and healthily and avoid developing complex chronic disease?

I can help.

“What a life changer Denise has been for me, it was like fate when her Tolle Totum flyer arrived in my mailbox. From my first appointment I felt so comfortable as Denise was so easy to talk to. Denise’s diagnostic skills have improved my overall health and well-being. I now look better, feel happier and have so much more energy. I would recommend Denise to anyone looking to improve their health. How lucky are we to have her in Rutherglen.” JM

I work with you to understanding the underlying drivers that have led to your current state of health and then develop a treatment plan that will work for you.

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