“Nourished As” Moisturising Cream 120ml

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Nourished As is a gentle, soothing and luxurious moisturising cream for all skin types including the most sensitive and problematic skin. It only contains a small handful of natural ingredients including jojoba oil which has multiple beneficial properties:

  • antibacterial
  • hypoallergenic
  • moisturising
  • helps to control sebum production

Nourished As also includes rose water which has been shown to:

  • soothe irritated skin
  • reduce skin redness

You can use Nourished As to moisturise the face or skin, or as a night cream as it is a heavier cream than the Soft As lotion. Denise prefers this on her skin and finds it works well underneath makeup on the rare occasions she wears it!

Other ingredients include:

  • emulsifying wax (plant derived)
  • vegetable glycerine
  • essential oils of sandalwood, vetiver and geranium
  • amiox (a natural preservative that is derived from rosemary)

Denise has been creating these skin creams by hand for herself, family and friends for years and has finally made them available to purchase.  If you have been looking for a range that is luxurious, soothing, and gentle on even the most sensitive of skins, then this cleansing cream is for you.

Size: 120ml

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