Functional Testing & Referrals

Functional Testing

I can recommend and arrange a variety of testing based on your needs.  Please note that tests are an additional cost to the consultation fee and are not covered by Medicare. These include:

  • General pathology (e.g. cholesterol, iron studies, thyroid panel)
  • Nutritional assessment (e.g. vitamin B12, folate vitamin D)
  • Profile testing (e.g. adrenal, cardiovascular, thyroid, autoimmune, neurotransmitters)
  • Gastrointestinal assessment (e.g. complete digestive stool analysis, parasites, SIBO, Coeliac testing)
  • Hormone profiles
  • Genetic testing (e.g. MTHFR)




At Tolle Totum Therapies I work hard to develop relationships with other allied health care professionals in the local area and can provide you with a referral should you require additional support.


Holistic Case Management

I work collaboratively with your GP, specialists and other health professionals to support your treatment and health care goals.